The Bujtos Lakes


Perfect relaxation on the shores of the Bujtos Lakes

The beautifully landscaped surroundings of the Bujtos Lakes in Nyíregyháza are ideal for relaxation, sports and fishing.

Family fun in nature’s embrace

The city park is a popular place for families and groups of friends, with shady areas for barbecues and bacon roasting. While the adults prepare lunch, the kids can have fun playing princesses and princes in a wooden playground that resembles a real castle.

A rubberized running track around the lake, cycle paths, an outdoor gym, football pitch and basketball court have been installed near the lake for sport lovers.

Romantic walks at sunset

The romantic setting of the Bujtos Lakes is also ideal for couples. Waters are connected by footpaths, jetties and small wooden bridges, making them perfect for longer or shorter walks in the fresh air. At sunset, the city park is bathed in golden yellow lights, which makes it excellent for taking beautiful nature photos.

There is also a fountain at the front of the lake, offering a wonderful experience at any time of day. In the evening, illuminated bright streams of water are shooting upwards from the surface of the lake.



4400 Nyíregyháza, Bujtosi-tavak