If you have seen everything in Nyíregyháza, visit the sights in the neighbourhood!

Máriapócs – Visit our National Place of Worship!

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and tourists visit the wonder-working ‘weeping Mary icon’ in Máriapócs. The Baroque church, which has also been visited by the Pope Saint John Paul II, is also worth seeing, leaving everyday problems behind, and growing quiet a little in front of the beautiful iconostas.


Nyírbátor – tracing the legend of Erzsébet Báthori, the countess bathing in the blood of virgins



Get to know the legends of the Báthori family, visit the Báthori castle! Then step into the gothic churches built by the members of the Báthori family and, from the church tower, take a look at the city, which was one of the dominant cities in the middle ages.


Tokaj – The world-famous wine-growing region

The home of the wines of Tokaj is only a half hour away from Nyíregyháza. You can get there comfortably even by bike on the paved cycle path. Taste the world-famous wines of Tokaj, and get an insight into the tricks of the making of the ‘aszu’ wine.

(Fotó:Németh Péter)

Kállósemjén – The home of the former Prime Minister of Hungary

Visit the Kállay mansion that resembles the atmosphere of the period. You can also try out the original Ford A-model once used by Prime Minister Miklós Kállay.

Levelek – Water Ski Centre

Feel the liberating feeling of water skiing and wakeboarding! The course, suitable for use by amateurs and pros as well, is becoming increasingly popular.

Debrecen – a cultural delicacy



If you are longing for culture, visit the Déry Museum where you can become absorbed in the monumental works of Mihály Munkácsi about Christ’s suffering. We also recommend the Agora Scientific Adventure Center that presents scientific knowledge in a fun way.

Debrecen - Déri museum